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Autism Sensitivity Training

Learn how to make your community welcoming for everyone. Become Bee-Certified and join our list of Autism-Friendly businesses on the Just Bee App.

Why Should I Get Trained?

Just Bee's Autism-Sensitivity Training is designed to educate individuals and teams on how to "Bee A Friend" to the Autistic and Neurodiverse community. Understanding Autism and Neurodiversity is key in learning how to build a community that provides comfortable and welcoming experiences for the expanding Neurodiverse community.

Group SizeCostLength of Access
Up to 50 people$50/person30 days
51 to 100 people$45/person60 days
101 to 150 people$40/person60 days
151 to 200 people $35/person90 days
201 to 250 people$35/person6 months
251 to 500 people$35/person1 year
501+ peopleContact Us for Pricing1 year

Enroll your group in Just Bee Training using the "Contact for Groups" button below. We also offer in-person training for groups of 10 or more. Please include your group size and whether you're interested in the online or in-person training and we'll start your enrollment or quotation process.

Benefits of Beeing Certified

When businesses become Bee-Certified, we all win. Renew your certification annually and stay up-to-date on the latest Autism research.

App Listing

Certified businesses are added to the Just Bee directory of Autism-Friendly businesses.


Gain access to a huge group of new customers.


Learn how to hire from a capable and sizable untapped workforce.


Meet DEI standards for this growing population.

Who should take Just Bee's Training Course?

Autism sensitivity training is relevant to every environment!





Govt. & Public Safety


First Responder Training

Just Bee offers a specialized training curriculum just for first responders. In this course, you will learn best practices for communicating with people on the spectrum – including those who are nonverbal – in emergency situations so that you can respond safely and effectively.

Contact us if you would like to host an in-person training event for your team of first responders.

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