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Just Bee you.

Life is a dance. Dance with life. All children deserve the opportunity to Just Bee.

Our Story

The Just Bee story starts with Rio, Layla Luna’s son. Over the years, Layla continued to find herself in difficult situations when people did not know how to respond to Rio, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.

One evening, while Layla’s family was waiting for a table at a local restaurant, Rio started to have a sensory overload from the hectic environment. Other customers became irritated, prompting restaurant management to ask Layla and her children to leave. Embarrassed, heartbroken, and disillusioned, Layla was wiping her tears away with her daughter’s bumble bee blanket when she asked herself, “Why can’t people Just Bee nice? Why can’t people Just Bee kind? Why can’t they just understand Autism?”
This was the beginning of Just Bee.

Who Are We?

Since 2019, Layla has been a mother on a mission. As the Founder & CEO of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Just Bee, she works to connect families with their local community by raising awareness, creating partnerships, and providing training resources for sensory-friendly businesses – encouraging positive experiences for those with Autism.

Our Process

The Just Bee Pledge is designed for DEI-focused businesses, public officials, and organizations looking to welcome and support the autistic and neurodivergent community. Become a Beeliever in three easy steps. Complete the training workshop, commit to a pledge and become a certified Bee Spot.

Our team

The Movement Starts Here!

We are building a platform for the neurodivergent community that will change the world!
Layla Luna
Dr. Diane Cullinane
Medical Expert
Garrett Weinstein
Mike Lisle
Madeline Armstrong
Jennifer A. Jordan
Legal Advisor
Zreena Malik
Director of Social Media
Sharon Twaddell
Heather Rose Artushin
Educational Advisor & Board Secretary
Laura Hyatt
Robert Judy
Ellie Pirzad
Visual Designer
Dr. Leigh Holcomb
Scientific Expert & Board Member
Tiziana Alessandro Mitchell
Board Member
Norman Schindler

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